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Asheville Onsite Massage Spa Menu Services Rates

Reiki Polarity Energy 60m $110


60m Reiki Energy Aroma Chakra Balance

60m Reiki Chakra Balance w/Reflexology 

30m Vibration Sound Bowls 90m $160

Chakra Balance Reiki/Polarity/Energy Work w/Healing Vibration Sound Bowls Tuning Forks 90m $160


Reiki/Polarity/Energy Work w/Healing Vibration Sound Bowls Tuning Forks: Energy moves through us. Pain indicates blockage of free movement. Practitioner works through the body touching physical spirit supporting harmony awareness realignment enlightenment 

Native American Healing Sessions 120min $200


 Native American Healing Sessions 

A holistic massage using hot stones, crystals, smudging, aromatherapy, 

a sacred ceremony, chanting-singing-vibration, chakra guided imagery, 

and reiki' energy polarity therapy

Aroma - Raindrop Therapy CBD Oil 75-90m $140-$160


Aroma Oil Rain Drop Therapy 

Hot Herbal Ball, CBD Hemp Oil 

  • Aromatherapy w/Cranial Sacral massage relaxing or energizing uses 7-10 essential oil blends 
  • CBD Hemp Flax Seed Oils 
  • Raindrop technique uses 15-21 oils 
  • Hot Herbal Ball 30 herbs
  • 75-90m $140-$160

PNF Neuro Muscular - Bio Somatic Massage 120m $200


Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Technique: PNF Massage & Bio-Somatic Stretches Sports - Neuromuscular Therapy Myoskelatal Structural Integrative Body Work combination of passive stretching and isometric contractions. Client contract tight muscle isometrically against the therapist's resistance for roughly 20 seconds. Utilizes the golgi tendon organ, which relaxes a muscle after a sustained contraction. Client relaxes the therapist lengthens muscle applies a stretch at the new end range. process of contract resist stretch continues 4-6 repetitions. PNF legs arms trunk positions encourage flexibility coordination. Often employed to make quick gains in "range of motion A Good ROM supports better bio mechanics reduces fatigue helps prevent sports injuries.

Thai Yoga Massage or Bare Foot Shiatsu 120m $200


Thai Yoga Massage Sabai-Thai Yoga

 (Or) Bare Foot Shiatsu Massage interactive manipulation using passive deep tissue yoga stretching like gentle pressure energy lines Sabai Thai word meaning "relaxed" or "comfortable"  increase flexibility & relieve muscular joint tension stimulate internal organs can balance body system helps with digestion issues Sessions typically last "2 hrs" 

Performed on a floor mat futon or Thai massage table client dressed comfortable loose clothing. Six key points of Thai: Bare foot, Yoga, Deep Exercise, Meditation, Reflexology, Acupressure, Healing Art Relaxing as well as energizing. Bit like doing yoga without putting forth any effort while also getting acupressure many positions involving relaxing slow breath-yogic stretching, rocking, range of motion work, pressure applied to energy lines points compression decompression joint movements guide working into pressure points along body

Spa Reflexology - Foot Soaks -Body Massage Wraps - Scrubs

Feet Reflexology 60-90m


Happy Trails - Happy Feet Package: 

Relaxing Hikers Delight: 

Foot soak or wrap gentle exfoliation

foot scrub hydrate lotion oils feet wrapped w/warm linens reflexology massage 60m $100  90m $150

Foot Pedi Soaks - Wraps


Herbal Pedi Soaks Scrubs Treatments

20-30-45m $35-$50-$75

All Equipment Sterilize Clean Hygene Bowls New & Disposable Equipment

"Please Note BY STATE LAW" 

Not All Onsite Hand & Feet Treatments 

Do Not! Include Nail Grooming Clip Buff Shape Only - for home bound clients 

Hands & Feet Reflexology


Spa Reflexology w/Hand & Feet: 

Hands & Feet exfoliation rose lavender 

sugar scrub to remove dead skin, 

moisturized aromatic essential oils 

hydrate lotions massaged into your 

hands fingers lower legs feet  

Hands Reflexology Mani-ssage: $25-$50

Feet Reflexology Pedi-ssages: 

30-45m. $60-$80

Foot Soaks or Feet Wrap - Hand Dips

 Cert. Reflexologist Nail Tech

Hand Reflexology Wraps


Hand Reflexology Paraffin Dip $25

Hand scrub aromatic oils applied, paraffin dip or hand mask wrapped Hydrating lotion Reflexology 30m $50

Body Buff Scrubs Dry Brush Exfoliation Treatments


Body Dry Brush Polish Buff-Sugar Salt Scrubs: 45m $75

45m Aromatic Sugar Scrub & 45m Massage Hands Feet Package 90m $150 

Aroma Herbal Oils Sea Salts Raw Sugars Oatmeals 21 blends of organic natural botanical essential fruits aromatherapy oils invigorating brush skin smooth pumice sugar scrub gentle exfoliation removes dry dead skin cells iincreases circulation re-hydrate bodywork.

Moisturizing massage oils & lotion applied Great for rough calloused dry hands feet splitting cracking knuckles cuticles heels (or) Psoriasis Ezema

"Not Offered Pregnancy Massage" 

Seaweed Algae Mountain Moor Mud Massage Body Wrap: 90m $160


Mineral body wrap to any session. Beneficial antioxidants fatty acids reach deep into skin to promote cell regeneration, wound, stretch mark, scar while protecting improving tone, elasticity. Leaves skin ultra-soft, nourish. Helps eliminate  cellulite, detox, tone tighten skin, improve circulation, alleviate muscle joint pain .

Dry room set up near by steam shower

Great to re hydrate oncology massage clients (or) Psoriasis Ezema

"Not Offered Pregnancy Massage" 

Facials - Belavi' Spa Facelift Massage - Torso Back Wrap

Belavi Bellanina Marma Point Spa Facial Face Massages 30m $60 45m $80 60m $100


Ladies & Gentlemen's Adults Teens & Kids Facials Belavi' Bellanina Marma Point Face Massage Acupressure Face Lift Anti-Aging Lymphatic Therapy Facial procedure promotes circulation, enhances collagen, elastin production, reduce wrinkles droopy eyelids. Steam Linens Deep Cleanse Scrub Exfoliate Toner Mask Hydrate Skin Facial Massage 

Rose Lavender Peach Avocado Green Tea Seaweed Moor Mud Masks

Facelift Facial Treatments 75m $140 90m $160


Belavi' Marma Point Acupressure Face Lift Anti-Aging Lymphatic Massage Therapy Spa Face Massage Treatments

Local Organic Natural Fresh Products 

Natural Appalachian herbal aroma oil blends designed to hydrate refine  your skin while infusing it with calming fresh nutrients antioxidants and face massage>  Steam Linens Deep Cleanse Exfoliate Tone Massage Spa Product Rose Water Toner Rose Flower Mask

Kids & Teens $25-$35-$50

Scalp Head Hot Oil Aromatherapy Wrap or Mask 30m $60 w/NSBK Oncology Massage 45m $75


Native Organic Aromatherapy oils: 

CBD, hemp, jojoba, evening primrose, avocodo, cedar wood, bergamot, sage, melissa balm, rosemary & apricot seed oils helps reduce tired stressed processed hair growth &  after chemo therapy great for Oncology clients

Back Massage Aromatic Mud Wrap 30m $50 45m $75


Hydrating steeped herbal blend essential aroma oils seaweed or mud hot linens & warm blankets wrapped over back & body extract toxins purify your system for total relaxation. anti-stress detox energy purifying oils

Body Mud Mask Wrap & Massage 90m $160


Chocolate Rose Lavender Wraps: Brush Mask torso/back or full body wrap massage Beneficial antioxidants fatty acids to promote cell regeneration, wound, stretch mark scars protecting tone improving elasticity. ultra-soft, nourish. Hydrate Lymphatic massage wrapped around whole body 

Oncology Aromatherapy Scalp Head Body Massage Pkg 120m $185


Aromatherapy Sugar Scrub 

Cranial Sacral Massage 

Scalp Wrap 120m 

Helps dry body hair growth &

 after chemo therapy great 

for Oncology Therapies

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Chair Massage for Events

Chair/Table Mini Massages Facials Reflexology & Herbal Foot Soaks

Mobile Onsite Chair or Table Mini Aromatherapy NSBK Massages Facials Reflexology 

Feet - Hands Mani Pedi Treatments & Herbal Foot Soaks - "NSBK" Neck Shoulder Back

  • 10m $15
  • 15m $25
  • 20m $35
  • 30m $50
  • 40m $65 
  • 45m $75
  • Short & Sweet NSBK Massage: 10-15-20m $15-$25-$35
  • Mini Aroma Facials: 15-20m $25-$35
  • Mani-ssage w/Paraffin Hand Wrap: 10-20m $15-$25
  • Mini Hand Mani-ssages Reflex: 15-20m $25-$35
  • Mini Feet Pedi-ssages Reflex: 15-20m $25-$35
  • Mini Hand Manicures Soak Buff Polish: 20m $35
  • Mini Feet Pedicures Soak Buff Polish: 20m $35
  • Herbal Foot Soaks: 15-20min $25-$35 30m $50 45m $75 60m $100
  • Foot Baths benefit your lower extremities soak scrub your feet in cool or warm water actually affects your entire body immune system metabolism circulation nervous system internal organs with Reflexology Feet Massages
  • Corporate Office Festivals and or any other Special Event Venue..
  • $85-$95 per hr per therapist Minimum 1-2-4-8 therapists +
  • To All Day-Weekend Weddings Events-Festivals-Health Expos!!
    Large parties corporate events can provide multiple therapists. 
  • Chair or table massage boosts energy, alertness, productivity, increase circulation
  • 10-15 mins for each person in your group or spa party.
  • Trade health wellness wedding shows venues
  • Keep Sake Polish / Color Of Your Choice..
  • Coordination Equipment Decorations Theme
  • Set Up/Break Down Low Cost Fees No Travel Fees
  • 15-20% Gratuities Welcome Per Therapists 
  • Business Copyright 2000-2019 

Office Events - Chair Massage
Office Events - Chair Massage