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Individual Appts. Couples - Groups Personalized Therapeutic Massage Clinical Integrative Body work

Therapeutic Massage Integrative Body Work 

Swedish/Soft & Deep Tissue DMT Muscle Therapy 

Hot Stone Couples Massage Rain Drop Aroma Therapy Acupressure Trigger Point  Sports Fitness Thai Yoga Shiatsu Neuro-Muscular T.M.J. Release Myo-Facial Myo-Skeletal Medical Geriatric  Lymphatic Drainage Reiki Polartiy Healing Bowl Vibration Sound - Tuning Fork  

Cert. Doula Pregnancy - Infant Massage - Pediatric Kids Teens Services  & Healing Touch Equine Pet Therapy

Asheville Mobile Onsite Spa Services

30m $50   45m $75  60m $100 

 75m $125  90m $150

Ladies & Gentlemen's Facials Belavi' Marma Point Acupressure Face Lift European Anti-Aging Lymphatic Therapy

A holistic alternative to plastic surgery, injections, laser, and chemical peels. This anti-aging facial massage procedure promotes circulation, enhances collagen, elastin production, may reduce wrinkles and droopy eyelids. Belavi' Acupressure: 

Lis  Aesthetics & Cert. Belavi Therapist 

 30m $50  45m $75  60m $100.

Spa Party - Group Events

Asheville Spa Parties All WNC 

All Ages Adults Teens Kids Families

 Groups 4-10-25-50+ on up 

Wedding Bridal Bachelorette Bachelor 

Birthday Party Girl Getaways 

Corporate -All Special Events Venues 

and Kid Teen Spa Services

Serving all areas of Asheville & WNC 

100 mile radius For Over 18 years & 40 years Cert Event & Party Planner 

Relax We Come To You! - Tranquility At Your Door Step

Reflexology & Herbal Foot Soaks

Asheville Onsite Massage Reflexology &

 Foot Soaks & Pedi Mani

Certified Reflexologist & Instructor - Technician

Ladies & Gentlemen's Chocolate - Rose Spa Facials Anti-Aging

Chocolate Rose aromatherapy anti-aging facial

Lis  Aesthetics & Cert. Belavi' Therapist 

Hot Stone Massage & Packages

Onsite Hot Stone Massage 90 min 

Hot Rock Aroma DMT Muscle Therapy 

Mobile Onsite Spa & Massage Menu

Spa Asheville Onsite Spa Lake Lure Hendersonville Black Mountain Areas & Serving 100 Mile Radius of All WNC - No Travel Fees

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Mobile Onsite Massage-Facial Tables Aromatherapy Spa Music Robes Slippers Warm Linens For Neck Back & Feet 

No Travel Fees.. Serving 100 mile radius Surrounding Locations: Asheville WNC 

Over 18 years in Asheville 40 yrs in Business 

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Asheville Onsite Spa - Appalachian Mobile Day Spa

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